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Take a comprehensive approach to cyber security

A robust approach is the only way to prevent potential disruptions, avoid the loss of confidential assets, and protect your valuable corporate reputation. Having a plan in place for both proactive and reactive needs is the best way to ensure cyber security threats will have a minimal impact on your organization.

Identify Security Gaps


Identify Security Gaps
Anticipate threats


Anticipate threats
Prepare for attacks


Prepare for attacks
Asses & Improve

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Asses & Improve
Respond Fast


Respond Fast

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Comprehensive Cyber Security Solutions

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    Cyber Health Check

    Three-day Cyber Health Check combines on-site consultancy and audit, remote vulnerability assessments and an online staff survey to assess your cyber risk exposure and identify a practical route to minimize your risks. Receive a prioritized action plan for controlling your cyber risks in line with your risk appetite.

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    Cyber Security Consultancy

    Cyber-security consultancy services are delivered by a team of experienced in-house consultants who have a deep understanding of the range of cyber risks facing organizations today, enabling you to implement the best possible security solutions for your budget and requirements.. 

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    Cyber Risk Analysis

    The process of identifying, analyzing and evaluating risk – is the only way to ensure that the cyber security controls you choose are appropriate to the risks your organization faces. Without a risk analysis to inform you of your cyber security requirements, you could waste time, effort and resources.

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    ISO 27001 Consultancy 

    The ISO 27001 custom consultancy service helps organizations achieve ISO 27001 certification as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Whatever combination of services is right for your organization, we 100% guarantee your successful certification.

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    Incident Response

    The speed at which you identify and mitigate such incidents makes a significant difference in controlling your risks, cost and exposure. Effective CIR management can reduce the risk of future incidents occurring, help you detect incidents at an earlier stage and develop a robust defense against attacks to potentially save your organization millions.

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    Managed Cyber Security

    Heed offers a fully managed cyber security management as a solution service that follows NIST Cyber Framework and ISO 27001 standards. 

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    Application Security Advisory Services

    Heed will protect and monitor applications through data security and privacy, API security, enterprise application security and secure application development. 

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    Advanced attack and readiness operations

    Prepare your business against the most advanced cyber adversaries and reduce your exposure to threats targeting applications, hardware (OT/IOT) and enterprise assets. 

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    Helping Federal Agencies Meet CyberScope Monitoring and Reporting Requirements.

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Improving Your Cyber Security Posture Benefits Your Bottom Line. Your security posture and company’s profitability are more closely linked than you may realize.

  • Reduced Risk

    Staying proactive with the evolving cyber threats will give your organization an advantage and minimize the impact of an inevitable cyber attack

  • Detection & Response

    When a security breach or cyber attack occurs, an immediate response is required. The longer it takes to address the threat, the more damage may be done.

  • Cyber Resilience

    Having an incident response plan, focusing on the priority of risks you’ve previously identified, is what you need to know what you need to do when a threat is detected—and who needs to do it.

  • Protect Profits

    Ransomware, phishing attacks, and threats of service interruption impact profits more than most know, till it’s too late.

  • Competitive Advantage

    Informing your clients and vendors of your cyber security efforts increase brand confidence and ultimately market share, equaling greater profits!

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Your Cyber Security posture refers to the strength of your overall cyber security defense. Cyber security threats are ever increasing, and cyber attacks are considered the third greatest global threat.
World Economic Forum (WEF).