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Heed's Approach to Distance Education Delivery

Right now schools are trying to figure out how to create a positive teaching environment for both the educators as well as the students. One solution does not fit every room.

We have put together solutions for both the educators as well as the students to assist in the delivery on the teaching experience.

5 Facts to Know About Distance Education

Fewer Distractions


Fewer Distractions
Improved Accountability


Improved Accountability
Improved Educational Stimulation


Improved Educational Stimulation
Structure & Consistency


Structure & Consistency
Location Independent


Location Independent

Few schools in the United States will get through the 2020-21 academic year without some form of remote learning, for some portion of the student body, for some period of time.

Until an effective vaccine for COVID-19 is widely available and distributed, education will continue to be a hybrid service. It’s better to adopt to the future now vs later. –  Let’s get on a quick call


Education Room Studios

All of our Classroom Studios include a Studio PC, wide angle HD webcam, wireless keyboard and mouse, with a raised desk. The studio and monitor are installed onto a mobile cart with it’s own power strip and UPS.

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    Essential  Classroom Studio

    The essential studio comes with a 55 Inch Monitor and Classroom Studio installed onto a mobile cart. The cart is equipped with a power strip, extension cord, and a UPS.

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    XL essential Classroom Studio

    The essential studio comes with a 65 Inch Monitor and Classroom Studio installed onto a mobile cart. The cart is equipped with a power strip, extension cord, and a UPS.

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    Dual Screen Classroom Studio

    2 – 60 Inch Screens side by side (for larger individual participant windows or sessions with 49 -99 attendees)

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    Interactive Classroom Studio

    A single 55 Inch screen and another 55 Inch Touch screen monitor to shared with the students.

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    Hands Free First Person Studio

    An Essential Classroom Studio + a head mounted hands-free camera to be streamed to the students. Ideal for science and art classes.

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    The PE Studio

    An Essential Classroom Studio with a sectioned off area for demonstration captured by an advanced capturing camera for action.

All studios are running Windows 10 Professional and can be used to connect to any and all video conferencing solutions like Zoom, Teams, Ring Central, as well as Learning Management Systems like Moodle and Schoology. All studios are free wheeling and can be relocated to a new location when needed.

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The Benefits of Heed's Classroom Studios


    Our classroom studios allow the teachers to be in the classroom where they can be most productive, under the circumstances, and the students can feel like they are really learning from a familiar environment, the teachers classroom.


    Because all of our studios are equipped with Windows 10 Professional, they can connect to any web conference and teaching platform on the market. They can also be setup for Google Classroom or whatever Teaching platform you are using. All studios have multiple HDMI, VGA, and display port connection ports, Bluetooth, WiFi, and Ethernet capabilities. Integrations are endless!


    All of Heed’s Classroom Studios come with our remote support, cyber security protection suite, and a 1 years hardware warranty. We also offer an Accidental Damage Coverage plan. Most replacement equipment can be replaced within 48 business hours of reporting.


    Heed’s Classroom Studios are setup to be an easy to initiate and use solution for instructors and students. Automation along with cyber security protective measures will make the launch and use process simple and fast. Allowing the easy adoption and use by all teaching staff. Each unit also includes an initial setup consultation with the instructor who will be using the studio.


    The Heed Classroom Studios will provide both the instructor and the students with familiar settings for the learning experience by allowing the instructor to work in and be seen in their natural habitat, the classroom. The will create a comfortable environment for everyone and make the learning experience less traumatic for everyone.

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Distance learning will be apart of our new normal for the foreseeable future. Those who adapt now will have a future when it's the preferred choice for parents to have their children educated.
Michael Bowers, Forbes Business Council