Quick Tips

5 Best Practices When Implementing an At Home Workforce

  1. Trust no-one: Understand who has access to what information, segmenting your users and making sure that you authenticate them with multi-factor authentication.
  2. Every endpoint needs attention: Think ahead about how to handle the threats posed by data leakage, attacks propagating from devices into your network, and ensure that the overall security posture of the devices are sufficient.
  3. Stress-test your infrastructure: Your infrastructure must be robust, and should be stress tested to ensure that it can handle a large volume of traffic.
  4. Define your data: Identify, specify and label sensitive data to prepare policies to ensure that only the appropriate people can access it.
  5. Segment your workforce: Audit current policies for access and sharing of different types of data. Reevaluate corporate policy and team segmentation within your organization.

Heed these 5 best practices when sending your workforce home or wherever in the world they may travel with and access your network or intellectual property.

Perform Risk Assessments to identify those areas of your organization that need attention before they cry for and demand your undivided attention and bitcoin!


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